Union Election Date Set

Union Election Date Set

Yesterday, the Regional Director at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decided that a unit of non-tenure-track faculty in the College of Arts and Science can go forward with an election. On Jan. 11, ballots will be mailed to voters by the NLRB. All ballots must be received at the NLRB’s Regional Office in Chicago by Tuesday, Jan. 26. The ballots will be counted the next day.

In his decision, the Regional Director rejected Loyola’s request for a dismissal of the petition to file for an election based on a religious exemption. It is disappointing that Loyola would both undermine its commitment to social justice through the poor treatment of contingent faculty, and then attempt to thwart our efforts to unionize.

As a former Loyola adjunct myself, I believe that this is further proof of the need to come together to demand higher wages and better job security by forming a union.

The election will come at a time of incredible momentum for the Faculty Forward movement. Just weeks ago, faculty at the University of Chicago joined universities such as Georgetown, Tufts, and Washington University in St. Louis by voting to form a union through SEIU / Faculty Forward. It’s no surprise that the movement now counts more than 10,000 contingent faculty members: Our experience shows that a union can improve faculty standing at the university and help win improvements in pay, job security, and professional development.

For those of you who are eligible to vote, you will be receiving additional information from Faculty Forward in the coming days. If you have not signed a confidential union authorization card yet, you can still do so here. For anyone who is not eligible to vote, but would like to show support for faculty who are working to form a union, we encourage you to sign this petition.

We are so proud of all the support we have received both from the Loyola community and from faculty across the country. We’ll work to keep you informed in the coming days.

Matt Hoffmann

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