Get involved with your union!

Looking for a way to get involved in Loyola Faculty Forward?

Consider these options:

  • Serve on the bargaining committee — Be at the table negotiating with administration. Meet with fellow bargaining committee members and your chief negotiator to put together proposals based on the input and experience of you and your colleagues.
  • Serve on the contract action team (CAT) — Be the contact person for members in your department or division. CAT members would be in frequent contact with the bargaining committee to be able to communicate effectively with and maintain active engagement among the union membership.
  • Act as informal steward in your department to encourage people to meet and share their concerns and priorities for bargaining.

Let’s work together to make improvements at Loyola University Chicago! For more information, departmental concerns and how to get active in building our union, please contact a current member of the bargaining team for details.


Terry Boyle, Advanced Lecturer
Alyson Paige Warren, Adjunct Instructor
Dave Andrews, Adjunct Instructor
Social Sciences

Matt Williams, Instructor
Fine and Performing Arts

Deb Goodman, Adjunct Instructor





Emma Feeney, Advanced Lecturer
James Lodolce, Advanced Lecturer
Diane Jokinen, Advanced Lecturer
Mathematics and Statistics

Adam Spiegler, Senior Lecturer
Aaron Greicius, Advanced Lecturer


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