Survey Results

Survey Results

You speak, we listen!

Thanks to all who took the time to fill out our bargaining survey. We want to fight for a contract that we can all be proud of; getting an accurate reading of the wishes, challenges and concerns of the faculty is a crucial first step in this process.

Below you find a visual summary of some statistics related to the survey, as well as some of our first thoughts. (You can also go here BargainingSurveyOverview to open the file in a separate tab.)

Members of 17 different departments of the CAS were represented, with English (15), Biology (14), DFPA (10), Math/Stat (9), Modern Languages (8), and History (7) topping the list in terms of number of respondents.

The 97 respondents were split between part-timers (46), 1-year contract full-timers (16), and multi-year contract full-timers (35).  Note the disproportionate representation of full-timers; they make up over a half of the responses, but comprise only a third of the membership. Part-timers, make sure your voice is heard!

The average priority rankings between these three groups reveal slight differences of perspective. For example, whereas pay increase has the highest ranking for part-timers and multi-year full-timers in terms of the jobs, pay and promotions priorities, for 1-year full-timers it is the possibility of a multi-year contract that takes highest ranking. In terms of working conditions, work-life balance (e.g., teaching load) emerges as a clear first priority among all full-timers, whereas part-timers would like most to be able to teach more sections per year.

Perhaps even more informative than these average rankings are your many excellent comments. Some of these comments are specific to the various groups: part-timers would like better office spaces and better access to copiers and printers; full-timers would like to see the teaching load reduced; a certain Math/Stat lecturer would like to have “good chalk, not the cheap stuff”.  However, the comments also reveal some core issues important to all faculty:

  • Relations with fellow faculty. Many full-timers cite a good working relation with fellow colleagues as something they currently enjoy and wish to maintain/improve. Collegiality is also very important to part-timers, who identify a feeling of disconnectedness with the department and university as something they would most like to change.
  • Transparency and uniformity in promotion and compensation. Faculty of all title and rank desire more clarity in terms of job descriptions and expectations, how teaching load and department service is reflected in compensation (if at all), and the promotion process. Many comments express the desire for a clear policy regarding these items that applies across departments and positions.
  • Benefits. Part-timers want to receive health and retirement benefits, full-timers want to make sure their current level of benefits is maintained.
  • Security. From part-time faculty who would like eventual promotion to 1- or multi-year contracts, to Advanced and Senior Lecturers who fear contracts not being renewed,  we are all seeking greater security in our jobs.

Rest assured that your LUC Bargaining Team takes these concerns seriously, and as we begin the process of negotiating our first contract we aim to prioritize what is most important to you. We anticipate this process will take time and lots of hard work, but we look forward to putting together a contract that will benefit every member of our ranks. Over the next months members will be regularly informed of our progress and as the fall semester begins we plan to have a general meeting to update the membership on any new developments. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.


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