Welcome to Loyola, President Rooney!

Welcome Letter CollageOn behalf of the Full and Part-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences at Loyola University Chicago, we would like to welcome you to the university community! We look forward to working with you throughout your tenure to make Loyola the best school it can be for our entire academic community. As educators, we strive to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. We look forward to working together with you to  accomplish this noble goal.


Alyson Paige Warren, English

Emma Feeney, Biology

Aaron Greicius, Math & Stats

Deb Goodman, Fine & Performing Arts

Matthew Williams, Sociology & International Studies

Terry Boyle, English

James Lodolce, Biology

Adam Spiegler, Math & Stats

Diane Jokinen, Biology

Dave Andrews, English — Please support the NTT union, which represents such a vital part of your academic community.

John Houlihan, Math & Stats — All the best

Alfred Diggs, Biology — Thank you for your support.

Dennis Martinez, Modern Languages — Welcome to Loyola! Looking forward to working together.

Jason Shapiro, Biology

Steve Davis, Psychology

Julie Fiorelli, English

Lara Driscoll, Fine & Performing Arts

Brian Mornar, English

Matthew Bourque, Math & Stats

Robert Earle, Philosophy — Welcome! Thanks for supporting our union!

Elfriede Wedam, Sociology

Laura Goldstein, English

Elissa Weeks Stogner, English

Jeff Corey, English

Jac Jemc, English — Welcome! I look forward to working together!

Pam Osenkowski, Biology

Christine Hwang, Fine and Performing Arts

Dr. Nathan Jung, English

Andrew Nogal, Fine and Performing Arts

Jacqueline Heckman, English — Welcome!

Kevin Quirk, English

Mari Jo Irbe, Fine and Performing Arts

Ann Joseph-Douglas, Fine and Performing Arts/Theatre — It is my honor to extend my heartfelt congratulations.  

Victor Garcia, Fine and Performing Arts

Teresa Moore, Modern Languages

Angela Adams, English

Brendan R. Horan, S.J., Political Science

Keith Murphy, Fine and Performing Arts

Joseph Lapsley, History

Elena Valussi, History — I am excited to have our first female president, and equally excited about your stated commitment to fair and just labor relations at Loyola. I believe that feeling appreciated, supported and embraced in our work as teachers and researches by the University community is fundamental to the health of the whole community.  

William Myatt, Theology — Welcome to Loyola!

Joanne Maliekel, Biology

Janet K. Fair, Modern Languages — I am delighted you are our leader. You have my prayers and best wishes for the coming years. メリークリスマス, which is “Merry Christmas” in Japanese. (I teach Japanese.) Sincerely, Janet Fair

Teresa Calpino, Theology

Adam Hankins, Theology

Lauren O’Connell, Theology

Chris Eagle, Philosophy

John Crowley-Buck, Theology

Laura Brentner, Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Philip Sorenson, English

Elizabeth Hoppe, Philosophy

Thomas Ruubel, Physics

Lisa Sandberg, Psychology

Frank Babbitt, Fine and Performing Arts

Michael Perry, Math & Stats

Dr. Sherita Moses, Physics — So proud to have a female Administrator! Many blessing during your tenure.

Steven J. Venturino, English

Polina Pine, Chemistry and Biochemist — With a great support from woman in science

Victor D. Padilla, Jr., History

Ernestina Franco, Modern Languages

Jeffrey Tripp, Theology

Tracy Scott, SCPS

Robert Morgan, Biology — Welcome

Patricia Graham-Skoul, Classical Studies — Help us help you for this beloved university

Natalia Valencia, Modern Languages

Antonio Romano, Modern Languages

Elise Martel Cohen, Sociology — Welcome to Loyola! Welcome President Rooney!

Patrick Randolph, English

Nadine Kenney Johnston, English

Curtis Tuckey, Math and Computer Science

Dr. Paul Setlak, Biology

Ryan Leach, Psychology

Gerald Steenken, Theology

Biju Varghese, Math & Stats

Xao Tang, Biology

Roxanne Schwab, Computer Science — Dr. Rooney, We are so honored to have you with us. With look forward to working with you to help everyone on campus lead an extraordinary life. We are so glad you are here with us, and we look forward to working with you to, in the words of St. Ignatius, “set the world aflame.”

Bree Sines, Biology

Cristina Popovici, Math & Stats

Holly Dimitropoulos, Ph. D, Biology — Welcome and may God bless your work at this great University.

Michael Slager, Ph. D, English & English Language Learners Program

Janet Cullen, Biology

Megan Helfgott, Biology

Wendy Gruhl, Biology

William Kroll, Biology

Alma Begicevic, Sociology — Welcome President Rooney, and great to have you on board!

Elizabeth Maine Ellis, Political Science — Thank you for embracing this opportunity to lead our community. I wish you the best.

Elizabeth Hopwood, Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities — Welcome!

Kelli Evans, CAS DFPA

Gene Law, Math & Stats

Elliot Post, Computer Science — Welcome to Loyola! I look forward to seeing more of your amazing work in the future, and working together as a community of educators to achieve common goals.

Sherrie Weller, English

Katie McClendon, Professional and Continuing Education (English) — We are so glad to have you, and look forward to working with you.

Baird Harper, English

Erin Hayes, Biology

Dale Hoiberg, Modern Languages and Literature

Amy Kessel, English — Thank you for supporting NTT faculty.

Karina Dunker-Hoffmann, Modern Languages and Literature

Paul Ott, Philosophy

Dale Embers, Math & Stats

Randall Newsom, Fine and Performing Arts

Gina Spitz, Sociology — Looking forward to getting to know you and working with you to create a just and equitable workplace for everyone!

Dr. Ryan Peters, Writing Program

Mathew Stockman, English

Dr. Vali Siadat — Welcome President Rooney!

Snezana Zabic, English

David Chinitz, English (Tenure/Tenure-track in support of Loyola NTTs)

Devorah Schoenfeld, Theology ((Tenure/Tenure-track in support of Loyola NTTs) — I am a tenured faculty member signing in support of this message from my valued NTT colleagues.

Aana Marie Vigen, Theology (Tenure/Tenure-track in support of Loyola NTTs) — Thank you for you leadership. I look forward to getting to know you more in future months.

Bobbi Lammers-Campbell, IES  — I’m still hoping to give you a tour of the LUREC property 🙂

Sandra Helquist, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Lisa Godsel, Biology

Daniel Woody, English — I teach at another university which takes better care of their PT Faculty: contracts are either single year or multi-year (not by the semester) and faculty are given more freedom in their pedagogy (in English, we are required to use certain texts and follow a certain model of assignments in order to ensure parity among courses)



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