The Administration’s Request for Review/Appeal (mostly) Denied

03.01.2017 LUC Collage

We have some exciting news about our union. Yesterday, March 16, 2017, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) denied the administration’s Request for Review (a de facto appeal) and affirmed our right to be in a Union!

We look forward to continuing to build our direct relationship with the administration through our contract negotiations in order to make Loyola the best school it can be for our entire academic community. We want the administration, our tenure-track colleagues, and the university community to know that we share in their concern for the well-being of Loyola University Chicago. We would like to affirm our commitment to the Jesuit mission of social justice and transformative education and our sense of collegiality with our fellow educators. In order to fulfill this call for social justice, it is essential that we (the administration and the union members) take advantage of the opportunity that union representation provides. Together, we believe, it is possible to strive towards greater transparency and accountability through meaningful dialogue that will enable full-time lecturers and part-time adjuncts to feel that their employment conditions are secure and fair and therefore better able to ensure Loyola students receive the best education. Through continued negotiation with the administration, we hope to address our points of concern in a way that serves the best interests of the school, its administrators, faculty, and students.

However, the NLRB did rule that our Theology colleagues do not have the same rights to unionize and can be excluded from our union.  While this decision is perplexing and unfair, we hope that the administration will seek to correct this decision by demonstrating their commitment to social justice and allow them to remain in our union. We, as the bargaining team, will certainly make a request at our next bargaining session on March 30 that the administration voluntarily recognize the Theology non-tenure track faculty as members of our union.  It is our hope that the administration will also respect the right of Loyola’s graduate student workers to be a union in order to best address their working conditions at Loyola. Click HERE to join us in urging the administration and Board of Trustees to respect the rights of ourselves and our colleagues.

We look forward to building upon the progress that we have made thus far and to continue to build community and collegiality among all faculty, students and administrators at Loyola!

Please join us in urging the administration and Board of Trustees to respect our union and those of our graduate student, Theology and English Language Learning Program faculty colleagues. Show your support here:

In solidarity,

Paige, Emma, Aaron, Deb, Dave, Diane, Matt, Diane, James and Adam

The Loyola Non-Tenure Track Faculty Union Bargaining Team

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