University Senate Voting Has Begun!

University Senate Voting Has Begun!

Three non-tenure track faculty nominees for University Senate to represent College of Arts & Sciences: Adam Spiegler (furthest left), Diane Jokinen (third from right) and Terence “Terry” Boyle (furthest right)
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Dear Colleagues,

Voting for the Loyola University Senate has begun, and this year’s ballot looks a bit different. In the past non-tenure track (NTT) faculty have not had seats in the Senate, but this year that will change with four NTT candidates — Diane Jokinen, Adam Spiegler, Terry Boyle and Thomas Ruubel. It’s great to see NTT faculty stepping up to increase NTT inclusion and give all faculty a voice not only at the bargaining table but also in the Senate. Diane Jokinen from Biology, Adam Spiegler from Math and Stats, and Terry Boyle from English are currently serving as members of your bargaining team. As NTTs, they interact with students and fellow faculty at Loyola every day and, as a result, have good insight into the issues that both students and faculty care about. It’s important that NTTs have a voice in both raising and addressing those concerns, and they look forward to carrying out that responsibility alongside fellow Senate members should you elect them!

Unfortunately, part-time non-tenure track faculty do not have the right to run or vote, but hopefully we can work together to change that! Should they be elected, your representatives will not forget that all two-hundred and thirty-two (232) of you contribute to our great university just like the full-timers.

Your Loyola NTT Union Bargaining Team 
Paige, Emma, Aaron, Matt, Deb, James, Diane, Terry, Adam and Dave

To join the LUC Faculty Union Slack page, be sure to email Aaron Greicius at! Slack is an excellent online and app-based platform for team messaging. Discussions are tidily organized into different “channels”. Within a channel one can both message team members as well as easily share files.

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