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Barg Update May Day

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Dear Colleagues,

Summer has arrived and we hope you are getting some well-deserved time off! But for those who are still piecing together summer work, we hope it is going well!

We, as your bargaining team, have been working hard to negotiate a good contract for all Loyola NTT faculty. We have made progress on important topics, such as Academic Freedom, a Labor-Management Committee, and have been working on a detailed, enforceable Grievance Procedure. We have been working to build a positive relationship with the administration at the bargaining table. However, a number of obstacles remain in building that relationship. In March, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) struck down the Loyola administration’s challenge to our right to be a union (except for Theology). The administration has neither informed us nor the Loyola community if they plan to further appeal this decision through the court system, which creates more uncertainty for NTT faculty. Negotiations also proceed at a frustratingly slow pace, as we get bogged down in what should be boiler plate language.We hope that with the reaffirmation from the NLRB that faculty do, in fact, have the right to be a union and the relationship we have spent many bargaining sessions building with the administration, that they will publicly commit fully to respect our union and negotiate a good contract. Removing uncertainty for full and part-time NTT faculty creates a more secure teaching environment and a better learning environment for our students. No matter what the administration chooses to do, we will continue our work to make sure all faculty are represented at Loyola.

It is our hope that we can make significant progress this summer so that we can begin bargaining over issues such as workload, job security, pay and benefits in the fall. In order to be best prepared for those topics, we need to hear from you!

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We are proud to represent Loyola NTT faculty, but we want to make sure all those who wish to participate in the process can do so. We want YOU to join our team! We need more departments represented and especially more part-timers. There are roughly 350 NTT faculty in our union and part-timers make up roughly 67% of the group. We are down to two part-timers out of nine team members. Dave Andrews got a full-time Visiting Professor position at Blackburn. Congrats, Dave! Having your input and presence at meetings and/or bargaining sessions would help our team be the most effective and most representative bargaining team we can be. Respond to this email or be sure to choose the option on the survey to be on our team or to attend a bargaining session as a guest!

Additionally, we successfully elected two NTT faculty members to the University Senate, Diane Jokinen from Biology and Terry Boyle from English. They’re excited to make sure NTT faculty have a voice within Loyola’s main body of shared governance.

In other Higher Ed news, our Non-tenure eligible (NTE) colleagues at Northwestern finally had the remainder of their ballots counted and won their union! At fellow Jesuit Universities, colleagues have made progress in creating a more inclusive campus for contingent faculty. At Fordham, students, faculty, politicians, the Catholic Bishop and community members organized a pressure campaign that resulted in the university president, Father McShane, announcing that the administration would not fight the faculty’s right to organize! In a letter, he recognized that “organized labor has deep roots in Catholic social justice teachings.” At Saint Louis University (SLU), contingent faculty ratified their first ever union contract!

We also plan on having a general membership meeting during the second week of fall semester. We look forward to hearing from you!

— Your LUC NTT Faculty Union Bargaining Team

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