NTT Faculty: Join us @ Bargaining 9/25, 9/26 & 10/5

Dear Colleagues,

As contingent faculty, we are running to our next class or to our next school or to pick up the kids from daycare where we spend most of our paycheck. We know that most folks won’t be able to stay for full sessions and that’s okay. But this is an NTT Faculty Union and your voice needs to be heard. Even if you can only make it for a half-hour, please make sure to show up and participate.


All bargaining sessions will take place on campus in Burrowes Hall, which is just south of Sullivan Hall on Sheridan Rd. Please click the RSVP button to let us know which session(s) you will be attending.

Best regards,

Alyson Paige Warren, English

Emma Feeney, Biology

Janet Fair, Modern Languages & Literature

Russell Jaffe, English

Lara Driscoll, Fine Arts/Music

John Houlihan, Math/Stats

Dennis Martinez, Modern Languages & Literature

Brian Mornar, English

Matt Williams, Sociology

Deb Goodman, Fine Arts/Dance

Adam Spiegler, Math/Stats

Diane Jokinen, Biology

Terry Boyle, English

I am NTT Collage

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