Pro-Social Justice or Anti-Union? Loyola Can’t be Both!

Pro-Social Justice or Anti-Union? Loyola Can’t be Both!

The Loyola Administration cannot declare as they do on their website (set up by a contracted firm to make the case against graduate worker unionization) that they are “pro-social justice”, when their actions have put them on the same side of history as prominent right-wing activists.

It is important to look past what they say, and instead focus on what they do:

  • Loyola administration refused to recognize the graduate student union and schedule negotiations with them. Instead, they are hoping legal challenges to the rights of graduate student workers (brought about by a union-busting New York law firm on behalf of other universities) finds a friendly audience in front of a Labor Board appointed by the current anti-union President Donald Trump.
  • Loyola administration refused to agree to bring a Federal Mediator to negotiations with the NTT and adjunct faculty. This impartial mediation would help both sides reach a contract more efficiently. The administration prefers instead to stay sequestered and unaccountable to faculty’s interests.
  • Loyola administration proposed that union dues could not be deducted through faculty payroll. This is a proposal that, whether intentionally or not, mirrors legislation proposed by the prominent right-wing activists in state legislatures across the country, including the Koch Brothers’ funded – ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council).

The actions of the Loyola administration drive a wedge between social justice, Catholic social teaching and the role of unions. They are making proposals and taking actions that can only be described as obstructionist and anti-union.

The Loyola University Chicago community must demand that the administration’s actions align with their words and values. It is time for all of us to do what it takes to insist Loyola’s administration respect Unionized faculty and graduate student workers!

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