We’ve Finally Got Their Attention…Progress at the Table

We’ve Finally Got Their Attention…Progress at the Table

We made more progress in negotiations during the last 21 hours than we made in the previous 21 months.  The Loyola administration made positive changes to their proposals on compensation, appointments, and workload.  While this is a very good development, we still have a lot of work to do in order to reach an agreement on our first union contract.

We are working together in coalition with undergraduate students angry about racism on campus, graduate assistants who formed a union but with whom …

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Unsatisfactory LUC Admin Proposals

Unsatisfactory LUC Admin Proposals

While most NTTs were away on Spring Break the Loyola Administration, for the first time in TWENTY-ONE months, gave us their economic proposals. The proposals are an insult to the importance of our work, and showed no respect for the contribution contingent faculty make to the life of the University. 
How far apart are they from our proposals?


Union proposal
Administration Proposal

Adjunct Per Course Pay

[currently $4000-4500/course]
2018-19: $5,500

2019-20: $6,500

2020-21: $7,500
2018-19: +$200

2019-20: +~2% [not guaranteed]

2020-21: +~2% [not guaranteed]

FT Lecturer Minimum Salary
2018-19:  +9%

2019-20: +3%

2020-21: +3%
2018-19:  <1%

2019-20: No increase

2020-21: No increase

Raises above minimum
10% over 3 years


Job Security for Adjuncts:

Loyola:           Same as now – …

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