We’ve Finally Got Their Attention…Progress at the Table

We’ve Finally Got Their Attention…Progress at the Table

We made more progress in negotiations during the last 21 hours than we made in the previous 21 months.  The Loyola administration made positive changes to their proposals on compensation, appointments, and workload.  While this is a very good development, we still have a lot of work to do in order to reach an agreement on our first union contract.

We are working together in coalition with undergraduate students angry about racism on campus, graduate assistants who formed a union but with whom Loyola refuses to negotiate, alumni and tenured faculty who care about the kind of university Loyola is compared to the kind of university it can be.  At the same time an overwhelming majority of adjuncts and NTT Lecturers authorized a strike if a contract cannot be agreed upon by April 4th.

We won’t let up until an agreement is ‘signed, sealed and delivered’.  Here is where things stand:

  • Compensation: Loyola’s proposal includes positive improvements in the first year of the contract but does little to address inequities or low pay in the second and third year of a proposed 3-year union contract
  • Appointments: We are proposing that there is a presumption of reappointment for Lecturers, and .multi-year appointments for adjuncts who have taught 4 courses per year for more than three consecutive years.  We want these positions to be benefit eligible and salaried.
  • Workload: We have agreed to 4/4 course load per year as the normal workload for a full-time NTT. However,  under our proposal, numerous additional responsibilities – whether service or instructional – would serve as the basis of course releases, resulting in a likely 4/3 course load for many.
  • Promotions: There needs to be a path for qualified adjuncts to be promoted into full-time Lecturer positions. We, also, want additional recourse if the Dean rejects a faculty recommendation for promotion to Advanced or Senior Lecturer.
  • Professional Development: We are proposing a pool of money be available to NTTs to support their scholarship and teaching, and that full-time NTTs be eligible for paid professional sabbatical leaves. We believe teaching full-time is a career and justifies a reasonable number of paid professional development leaves.
  • ELLP: We want to make sure that faculty in the English Language Learning Program receive a fair contract that addresses compensation, job security and workload.

Our next negotiations are scheduled for all day Wednesday March 28th in 114 Norville. The administration will respond to all of our counter-proposals and we’ll see if we can continue to narrow the differences.  Meanwhile, we must keep doing what we’ve been doing, and make preparations for a potential strike on April 4th.

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