3/12 Letter from AAUP and NTT Union to Pres. Rooney & Dean Regan

3/12 Letter from AAUP and NTT Union to Pres. Rooney & Dean Regan

Dear President Rooney and Dean Regan:

We write as board members of the Loyola chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and committee members of the union representing non-tenure track (NTT) faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences. We have a number of concerns we would like to raise in the hope that we can resolve them together.

We are concerned about misleading information that has been circulating amongst the tenure-track faculty regarding the NTT union contract and its effects. Though we believe that this contract benefits the entirety of the University, some issues experienced by tenure-track faculty have been incorrectly portrayed as resulting from the new contract and the unionization efforts as a whole. To counter these rumors, we ask that the administration publicly affirm that there is no connection between the union contract and how the TT faculty’s workload is allocated.

In addition to those in our own ranks, we are concerned with how others who do essential teaching work at Loyola are being treated. The graduate student workers at Loyola do a great deal of the important labor that makes Loyola a university by assisting faculty as teaching and research assistants and teaching classes of their own, among other services they provide. While they are enrolled here as students, they are clearly also making invaluable contributions as workers to Loyola. Despite this, the administration has continued to refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the graduate workers’ union and consequently sit down to negotiate with them. We support the graduate student workers and we urge you to negotiate in good faith with the graduate student union toward a just contract.

We would also like to express our strong support of the English Language Learning Program (ELLP) and its faculty, who do the hard and crucial work of preparing international students to be sufficiently proficient in English for study in our classrooms. We value ELLP’s advanced  English language instruction as key to the success for international students in our classrooms and to the fulfillment of Loyola’s global mission. We are deeply concerned about the future of this important program given current political and economic trends, both domestic and international. We urge the administration to work with ELLP Faculty and Staff to ensure that international students will continue to receive intensive English language studies at Loyola. The ELLP union collective bargaining agreement allows for adaptability during the enactment of the contract. Thus, it should be stressed that all involved in its implementation use the contract not as a minimal standard to be maintained, but as a guiding platform from which to best serve the needs of ELLP faculty and students. The procedures by which the ELLP contract is administered should be transparent and well communicated to its faculty, and they should be consulted and heard during these processes. Thus, we urge all participating LUC administrators to work together with ELLP faculty so as to realize their union contract in keeping with not just the letter but the spirit of Loyola’s social justice mission.

Finally, we are concerned with the issues faced by many of our students who are attempting to exercise their fundamental rights to free speech within our campus community. We assert the need for diverse perspectives and ideas to be freely exchanged and respected at Loyola. Thus, we urge the administration to give all student groups (and the faculty who work with them) the recognition and support they need to express themselves on campus.

We hope that we can work together with both you and the whole of Loyola’s administration to address these issues and thereby create a campus community of which we can all be proud. In the spirit of transparency, we hope that you will address these concerns in good faith. We welcome you to join us in renewing our shared commitment to ethical, transparent practices that serve the whole of the Loyola University Chicago community equitably and justly in both word and action.


Thank you,

Lakeside AAUP Executive Committee

CAS NTT Faculty Union

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