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NTT Faculty


Despite our efforts to reach a fair contract and getting so close to reaching one, at the 11th hour, the administration proposed last minute articles in the contract (9-10pm) that undermine the entire agreement.

We are prepared to agree to the rest of the contract without those new proposals that were added at the last minute. See more HERE.

Sign up for a strike shift (8-12 or 12-4) tomorrow:

Have questions about the bargaining process, proposals, or becoming more involved?  Message the Loyola Worker Coalition facebook page, and someone will get back to you right away!

Grad Student Workers



Check the Loyola Workers Coalition Facebook Page for the latest events for grad student workers!
Email with any questions!






LUC Alumni

Send an email to Loyola’s president, provost and Office of Donor Relations stating that you withold donations to the university unless the University reaches a fair contract with non-tenure track faculty by the end of spring semester that gives NTTs job security, a path to benefits and pay that respects the value of their teaching!






Email LUC President Joann Rooney to ask her to recognize the Graduate Worker Union and negotiate in good faith with NTT Faculty.










LUC TENURE-TRACK and TENURED FACULTY please sign the PETITION to demand Loyola support unionization and bargaining for NTT Faculty and Graduate Student workers at LUC