Our Vision

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Creating One Faculty

We want all faculty members—adjuncts, lecturers, and tenure track—to be treated as full members of the Loyola Chicago community.

    • All Faculty members should:
      • receive support for their teaching and professional development.
      • be respected for their contributions as teachers and scholars.
      • be welcome to participate in department and college meetings.
      • be welcome to make valuable contributions to developing and improving curriculum.


Moving Past Contingency

To do that, we want:

      • Longer and renewable appointments.
      • Predictable income and course assignments each year.
      • The right to teach courses that faculty designed and/or satisfactorily taught in recent years.
      • Evaluations should be comprehensive and not solely or primarily based on student evaluations.
      • A clear progression from part-time to full-time and a promotional path to Advanced and Senior Lecturer positions.


Progress Towards Parity

Whether the courses are taught by tenured faculty, lecturers, or adjunct faculty:

  • Students and their families pay the same tuition for courses.
  • Students and their families expect the same standards of teaching in the classroom.
  • Students receive the same credit for courses. 

    Thus, there should be equal pay for teaching, whether paid by the course or salaried.

      • Every Union Faculty member should receive an increase in compensation every year.
      • Union Faculty members need to be paid for all of the work we perform.
      • Union Faculty members should receive the same benefits as other Faculty members.


Consistency and Transparency

      • In addition to inconsistencies in pay and contract length, class sizes vary widely between departments, leading to widely varying workloads, even with the same number of classes.
      • We need clear guidelines to make sure workload is distributed equitably.
      • We want the criteria by which classes, pay, contract lengths, etc. are assigned to be public and transparent.