About Us

Loyola Worker Coalition unites our graduate student union, non-tenure track faculty union, undergrad students, tenured faculty, alumni, and other community allies around our shared stake in more equitable higher ed & a stronger community.

Graduate assistants continue to take on more and more of the responsibilities once reserved for tenure-track professors, such as assisting in and teaching classes, conducting research, and working in administrative positions. While combined non-tenure track faculty and graduate assistants do the bulk of the academic work that allows the university to run, they are compensated the least.

In our efforts to improve our working conditions, the Non-Tenure Track Faculty and Graduate Student Workers at Loyola University Chicago have come together to fight for better teaching and learning conditions at the university.

Non-tenure track (NTT) faculty members now comprise over 60% of the teaching staff at Loyola University Chicago. NTT Faculty unionized in January 2016 under the banner of SEIU Faculty Forward, which includes colleagues at Tufts, Boston University, Georgetown, and at Washington University in St. Louis. Graduate student workers voted to unionize with SEIU in early 2017.

We are working towards a new vision for NTT Faculty on the Loyola campus to address the current inequities facing our bargaining unit.

Currently, NTT Faculty at Loyola are not provided with the just employment conditions that maximize our students’ learning.

  • There is a complete lack of job security for all adjuncts and many full-time NTT faculty as well. This prevents NTTs from being able to focus on teaching towards the end of semester- or year-long contracts in order to apply to other jobs. It also leads faculty to shy away from teaching controversial topics that may result in them being publicly attacked and their contracts not renewed.
  • NTT Faculty have inequitably low salaries compared to other faculty on the LUC campus. Teaching 10-15 courses/year still qualifies NTT Faculty for low income housing in Chicago (<$42,660).  Adjunct [part-time] faculty are paid poverty-level wages. Adjuncts are ineligible for benefits at Loyola. And whereas tuition has increased by more than 60% since 2007adjunct per course pay has increased by 0% during that period. That means that just two students’ tuition for one class is more money than the adjunct gets paid to teach that course.
  • Most adjuncts do not have offices to prepare for class, meet privately with students, or to securely keep their teaching materials.
  • The University provides minimal support for bargaining unit faculty for ongoing scholarship, undermining the currency and content in the classroom.
  • Many adjuncts have to spend significant time looking for and working at other employment and teaching opportunities, leaving less time to spend time with Loyola students.

We love our students, our work and Loyola, It’s because we care about the future of our students and LUC that we are hoping that you will support us by getting involved and fighting for change on this campus.

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